Modern & Upscale Laundromat

A better place to do your laundry

Our Services

Waschsalon is proud to be Washington’s only full-card laundromat with the latest technology and open 24/7.

Our eco-friendly laundromat provides our customers with the newest, most efficient, and cost-effective machines in a clean, safe, and relaxed atmosphere.

Relax in our comfortable lounge areas, head out for groceries or grab a locally brewed coffee. Our machines can alert your phone when cycles are complete. Short on time? Leave the laundry up to us with our wash and fold services. There is no better place to wash.

  • Self-Service

    Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere while you wash

    We have a total of 35 washers and 46 dryers available for use. Each machine is equipped with a card reader that accepts credit, debit, preloaded FasCard, or the FasCard app on your mobile device. Not sure how to get started? Just ask one of our attendants during business hours.

  • Drop-Off Service

    Drop your laundry off, and let us do it all for you

    We are pleased to wash, dry, and fold or hang all of your laundry. Just drop off your laundry at our front desk during store hours and we’ll take care of the rest. Same day pick up is not guaranteed, but we strive for 24-hour completion at the latest.

  • Commercial

    Let us do the laundry for your business

    In addition to our drop off wash and fold services, we provide commercial laundry services for local businesses. Drop by our laundromat or call us to talk about how your business can take advantage of our fast commercial service.

Our Modern Facility

Convenient Payment App

No more fumbling with coins. Our machines accept debit/credit or FasCard. Using the in-store FasCard kiosk or FasCard phone app you can start as many washers or dryers as you need for as long as you need.

Self-service available 24/7

Wash + Fold Service

Regular Wash, Dry + Fold $1.25/lb
Premium Wash, Dry + Fold $1.50 - $4.50/lb
Household Items $2.00/lb
Comforters + Quilts $12.25 - $23.25
Table Cloths $2.00/lb
Throw Blanket $10.25
Mattress Pad $13.25+
Sleeping Bag $13.25 - $16.25

All orders will be charged a 10lb minimum.